14 Cool Computer Keyboard Mods and Designs

In 1968 when Douglas Enterbart invented the first keyboard, he wouldn’t have dreamed that his invention would revolutionize the computer world. Did we imagine that the simple block key board will turn into such magnificent art pieces? But today, each design is unique…leaving the past behind and beholding the future.

Technology is simply a part in the long run- together with it blends mans’ quest for better creations leading to innovations like the 14 Coolest Computer Keyboard Mods and Designs seen below, which are made up of some real modifications and also some conceptual design which hopefully will truly be made. If you are interested in some weird and cool keyboards that have actually seen the light of day, check out the awesome collection of Geeky Computer Keyboards we seen before.

Jellyfish Inspired Keyboard

The jellyfish inspired keyboard set is basically a hand held gizmo that can function as an alternative to the regular input devices. It features the concept of a music keyboard fused with that of a computer keyboard. This jelly fish inspired keyboard set is a little tricky in its operation: using the chord theory where by, if a certain digit is pressed together with another digit, it forms a word. But this ‘magic’ device makes it a point not to let its users to return to the usual keyboard with its high technical proficiency. Erik Campbell has sure made an awesome model-slick in black and red for those who value design and yearn for a style statement.

Remote Controller Keyboard

Flying saucers are no longer meant for the aliens alone! It is a part of the earthly gaming zone now with the new remote controller keyboard by Altuq Toprak. The duo looks as if inspired by flying saucers and E.T to give a refreshingly new gaming controller. Though the gaming controller is an integrated part of the keyboard, it can be used as an individual controller as well. Initial usage may be a bit clumsy, but the versatility of the design will cause this to be soon forgotten.

Alchemist Keyboard Mod

The Alchemist keyboard is an outstandingly featured keyboard which pays tribute to the alchemists of history in its design. The amazing keys, the stained glass panel and the braided cord together make a picture-perfect designer key board. The designer has incorporated a number of symbols and labels used by alchemists including the Eye of Ra and the Caduceus. The detailing extends to the brass rods below the space bar that have a special coating to prevent tarnish. This keyboard is a master piece with its artistic design and fine detailing.

Mouse Combo Keyboard

Ever had the thought that the mouse is a pest in your cubicle taking up lots of space for its proper function? Well, have a look at the largest computer keyboard with a built-in mouse. This  mouse combo keyboard rests on a low friction pad making movements easier and uses an optical sensor to pick up motion. If the gliding key board doesn’t suite your needs, within reach of the thumbs, a scroll wheel and conventional mouse buttons retain customary control.

Steampunk Ergonomic Keyboard

Great news to all the Steampunk lovers, the Steampunk keyboard is out with its classic looks and perfect design. This amazing keyboard together with the steampunk mouse forms a model duo. Created by Datamancer from an IBM M15 ergonomic keyboard, the transformation is breath taking. The metallic design on the sides and the touch pad add to the aesthetics of the keyboard. Yet another example to confirm that steampunk is always in style!

Retro Keyboard Mod

Cool keyboards have always been in the priority list of the geeks. As such, there have been innumerable creations varying in themes, designs, features and specifications. To add to the list is the retro keyboard mod.  Although looking like a blend of the typewriter sculpture and the steampunk ergonomic keyboard, this keyboard has its own distinct design and concept. The classic side rails and the keys together form part of the perfect nostalgic keyboard in the list.

Scrabble Keyboard

Computer keyboards have been available in different shapes, colors, sizes and this scrabble keyboard adds to the list its own specific theme. The keyboard is made from letters of the popular Scrabble board game. This new theme based keyboard from Datamancer has the buttons made of  different letters from the game and the special keys like Num Lock have the letter hallowed out. The creativity and looks of this keyboard will certainly take a few breaths away.

Key-Stick Keyboard Design

Portable keyboards have been in the market for some time now, but most of them had inherent flaws like lack of traditional keys and options for folding. The key-stick key board by Yoonsang Kim and Eunsung Park is a trend setter in this developing technology. The Keystick keyboard is a fully functional QWERTY keyboard with the added benefit of folding it to a stick. This foldable keyboard is wireless and connects to the PC via an USB. Soon to enter the manufacturing phase, once out, the keyboard will definitely grab the keyboard market.

Art Deco Style Keyboard

Art deco style keyboards are always classy and elegant in its design. The keyboard featured here is no different in that respect. Together, it is superior in its class with the variations by Datamancer.  The black reflective acrylic plate and white LEDs add to the aesthetic appeal. The wooden frame further takes the design to classic lay outs. Any loyalty to intense technology clubbed with splendor? Your search for the perfect keyboard ends in the art deco keyboard.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard

If comfort is of top priority for the geek in you, The Kinesis Advantage Keyboard leaves no options for a second thought. The ergonomic design with additional features and the scientifically placed keys are the striking features of this technical-designer board. Also, the layout is simply perfect and fits your hands better to give the comfort you seek for when working for long hours. In the list of geeky gadgets based on innovative designs, The Kinesis Advantage keyboard can not be ignored with its scientific design and technicality.

Weird Back Typing Keyboard

Together with all cool creations comes, specific ones like this. They seem too weird that you simply can’t ignore them. The back typing key board is no exception to this. The basic idea is that the while using the keyboard, the keys can be viewed from the front while the typing has to be done from the backside. This keyboard is multimedia supported and has a mouse that can be controlled from the top side. The practical application of this keyboard is still questioned as we are not used to holding the keyboard in hand and typing in the back side!

Cool Leaf Series Qwerty Keyboard

What would it be like to have your bedroom mirror to function as a keyboard when it is switched on? With this technological pace, that is not far away. Have a look at the ‘Cool Leaf series’ keyboard by Minebea Co Ltd. Named as “?-QWERTY”, this keyboard is a blend of killer looks and technological efficiency. The whole unit contains force-sensors that make it a touch sensitive device. Made of mirror like material on an acrylic board, the lighting includes a light guide plate type back lights. When the device is switched off, it appears like a simple plane piece of mirror glass. Cool series is soon to be expanded for medical use as well.

Futuristic Brand Computer Keyboard Design

“The brand power” is certain once again! There is no doubt on what inspired designer Ignacio Pilotto to this brand computer keyboard. It is definitely the countless brands that come in all forms. These brand keyboards can be the best way to get brand names to every single user. The creativity is definitely to be commented on. The standard letters getting replaced by illustrative logos- that’s definitely a great idea. Even better, the manufacturing company can sell that tiny piece to the brand owner to create the ultimate advertising effect- the brand name gets to the sub conscious level of the user!

Bamboo Computer Keyboard

When ‘go green’ is the big motto, certainly you ought to be pleased with this bamboo computer keyboard. Not just for the environmentally conscious geeks, the keyboard can be used by any one who yearns for a choice to the dull old plastic keyboard. With a price tag ranging from $11 to $44, going geeky isn’t costly either. Together, the bamboo keyboard has the same longevity as that of the conventional every day keyboards- so that’s a bonus! With looks similar to the Scrabble keyboard, this cool keyboard comes with lesser modifications making it perfect for daily use.