14 Cool Lighters for Geeks

Smoking may not be a great idea, but many of us end up smoking in our lives at least for few months or years. Those who successfully quit smoking can be deemed as lucky, while the rest of them continue to huff and puff smoke into their lungs.

If you belong to the latter category, you would know that a lighter is your trusted companion, which makes you independent, self reliant and confident. When you get the urge to smoke, you would never have to ask a stranger to light your ciggy, if you carry your own lighter.

Cigarette lighters are also an extension of one’s personality and thus geeks and non-geeks usually try to express themselves with the lighters they use. From the time that lighters have been invented, people have been trying out various designs and styles.

Some could be funky, and some classic and some downright bizarre. However we are concerned with cigarette lighters that are hi tech and geeky. Here are 14 of the coolest lighters that we thought were Geeky enough for the tech enthusiast.

Hellboy BPRD Lighter

1 Zippo-BPRD-Lighter

Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D) is a secretive organization that is an integral element in Hellboy comics. This time around, Hellboy fans could get this hi tech BPRD Lighter is made of “Black Ice” a rare form of dark chrome.

Lighter Spy Gadget

2 lighter-spy-camera

What could be better than pretending to light your cigarette unsuccessfully in the wind, but film your suspect while doing so? The Lighter Spy Gadget comes with a miniature camera that films people without their awareness.

Kool Cigarette Lighter

3 usb ighter

The Kool Cigarette Lighter comes with a USB connection which makes sure that you never run out of flame. It can be recharged and used when required, and it shoots up an electric flame.

USB Drive Lighter

4 usb-lighter-electric-gadget

This sleek USB Drive Lighter comes with a storage space of 8GB and you could use it as a pen drive, as well as a cigarette lighter. It can even be refilled with fuel when the gas runs out.

Zippo Pacman Lighters

5 pacman-lighter-zippo

There isn’t much common between cigarettes and Pacman, only certain geeks might want to smoke in between their gaming sessions. The Pacman Lighters would please ardent fans of the game.

Spycam Classic Lighter

6 spycam lighter

Like I mentioned before, you might want to spy on people for various reasons. The Spycam Classic Lighter comes with a 4GB space and you could also film videos in 680×480 resolution. Since it has a USB plug, you could charge it that way. It is a great addition to the growing Spy Gadgets released and makes it very easy to join the fun.

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter

7 terminator-fuel-cell-lighters

You might remember the nuclear fuel cell that was used in the T-800 series of Terminators. Made of a superior quality of metal, this Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter is one hell of a gadget.

Cigarette Shaped Lighter

8 cigarette lighter

If you are familiar with art, you would know that certain objects can be created in the shape of something that is related to them. This cigarette lighter is shaped like a lighter and uses butane as fuel.

Source 1

Lighter Cufflinks

9 cufflinks lighter

If you would like to raise the heat by wearing hot clothes you might want to get yourself these cool Lighter Cufflinks which actually work! However, you might risk looking like a clown that tries hard to make people laugh.

Source 1

Transformers Zippo Lighters

10 transformers zippo lighter

These Transformers influenced cigarette lighters come in black and shiny metal. They look quite cool but may not appeal to those who do not like Transformers.

Source 1

Windproof USB Lighter

11 windproof usb lighter

It is most annoying when you try to light a cigarette but the wind blows off the flame. This cool lighter makes sure that even while riding on a bike you could light a cigarette. It is powered by USB.

Source 1

Fire Extinguisher Lighter

12 fire-extinguisher-lighter

Fire extinguishers are not something that you would use to light things up. This cigarette lighter designed in the shape of a fire extinguisher lights up your cigarette.

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Cellphone Lighter

SB6309 Lighter Phone comes with a unique space where you could light your cigarette without a flame. It even works in high altitudes, and all it needs is your SB6309 Lighter Phone charged and switched on.

Source 1

Steampunk Cigarette Lighter

14 steampunk lighter

There can’t be a better way to end a list of cigarette lighters without mentioning something Steampunk. This Brass Cigarette Lighter was made in Japan after the World War II. It has a definite Steampunk look.

Source 1

While these lighters may look attractive, these also have been proven to attract youngsters to toy with the idea of smoking. Since kids get attracted to anything that looks cool, these cool cigarette lighters can prove to be a double edged sword.

Nevertheless, if you are a geek, and an adult smoker, you might want to buy yourself one of these or even look around to see if you would get something geekier and cooler. Meanwhile, you could also consider buying a few nicotine patches.