Reebok and Heineken Come Together in the Pump Omni Lite Shoes

Two well known brands – Reebok and Heineken. One leading in sports apparels and the other well known for beer. How and where do you think the two can come together?

Take a look at the latest pump shoe from Reebok, the Reebok x Heineken Pump Omni Lite and you will come to know what I am talking about. The first thing that the color of the shoes reminds you of is Heineken. Yes, it the Heineken green color. This high top basketball sneaker is adorned with four very strong colors – the dominant green, followed by white, black and red. Green is also the color of the laces whereas the toe cover is white and is perforated with classic Heineken stars. A red colored star is also embroidered on the side, and this star does stand out on the shoe. When worn you sure cannot see the red colored sole but it does add on to the attractiveness of the piece.

Pump shoes are normally referred to low cut shoes without any fastening. Reebok pumps are whole new and different pieces in themselves. The technology has been termed as breakthrough and innovative due to its unique features. The shoes are fit with a mechanism of internal inflation that regulates a fitting cushion on the upper tongue thereby giving a custom fit.

So how does the pump mechanism function? The pump on the tongue of the shoe helps pump in air cushions into the shoe which fills up gaps and gives well fitting shoes, very similar to the custom made shoes that were made once upon a time.

The Reebok pumps were launched in 1989 as a high-top basketball shoe. Soon after they were launched they became a status symbol, owing to the fact that they were very expensive. With the popularity of the pump shoes increasing Reebok went on the produce pumps for sports other than basketball – football, track and tennis. Two very close competitors that Reebok had in this segment were the LA Gear Regulators and Nike Air Pressure. However, Reebok pumps have stood their ground.

In November 2009 Reebok began its year long celebration of the pump technology and in this regard a whole new range of pump shoes are being released. The shoes come in groups classified as Court Victory Pump, Instapump fury, Pump Omni Lite, Pump Aerobic Lite Mid, Pump Running Dual, and Twilight Zone Pump.

The Heineken pump falls under the Pump Omni Lite range. You could call this designer shoe to be a collectible edition since only 20 pairs of these have been launched in Canada. That does make it obvious that not just anybody can own it, but one who owns it is sure going to be a proud owner.

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Via: Highsnobiety