Mint T Car Concept Works On Bluetooth

Kids love playing with toys and if the toy is like Mint T Car, then there is no limit to pleasure the kids will get…especially with the cool and futuristic design.

mintTcar 1

If you have observed carefully, you will get to know that kids no longer like to play with the same types of toys as we used to play in our childhood days. They are constantly looking for innovative toys like the Mint T Car.

mintTcar 3

For those of you who are not aware of what this Mint T Car is all about, let us tell you that it is a Rubber band powered car developed especially for kids. I came across this superb car after observing that my own kid was not happy playing with the toys that I gave him.

mintTcar 2

Earlier, such cars were made in home using wood and a pencil. In fact, watching this car, you will yourself get an idea of how people used to make this car before. All they needed was a pencil as lever and a wooden cylindrical block with wheel shapes at both ends. A hole at one end was attached with a loop to the wooden cylindrical block, where one could insert a pencil.

mintTcar 4

But the latest Mint T car from Mintpass looks sophisticated and you guys need not do any labor to make it. Now, if you are wondering why this car is named as Mint T Car, let us inform you that it is called so because of its resemblance with the letter T from the side view. So, you see, this is not just a toy but has an education side too teaching your kids about the letter “T” in a play way.

mintTcar 5

On the other hand, when this car was designed, many said that it looked like a hammer or similar things. In a way, we can say, Mint T Car serves as a multi-purpose toy teaching your kid about different things. Mint T Car is a creative design of the expert designer Jongchul Kim. This fabulous car comes with a Bluetooth controller with which you can control the speed of this toy car. Kim made this car using aluminum as the main material and as far as the mechanism of this car is concerned, it drives using the mechanism that is identical to the spool car.

A close look at Mint T Car will show that the one end of its wheel is enriched with urethane in order to provide appropriate grip to make your car grasp more acceleration in a straight motion. Then, on the edge of the lever, you will see it contacting the ground with a semi permanent material, called as POM that minimizes the drag.
mintTcar 6

Just like an RC Car, Mint T Car can be controlled via a Bluetooth remote control. The side mounted lever of this car is there to provide balance and make a tick tock noise that appeals to the kids while playing.

In case you are wondering where you will get it, then I would say Sorry Guys, you need to wait as this is just a concept.

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