Super Mario Bros Wooden Coin Box

Whether you love or hate video-games, if you belong to this planet called Earth and/or know someone who’s crazy about video-games, you have to have heard about the bestselling video-game of all time called Super Mario Bros. Well, now a modified version of the game has been created in the form of a small, hand painted Wooden Box, just like the Super Mario Bros. game which is a perfect tribute to the game as it involves the signature Question mark, painted on the sides and an innovative glass window on the top of a recessed panel, featuring a painted eight bit style coin.

This Small Wooden Box, Hand-painted 3

For the benefit of those are sporting a question mark look on their faces, Super Mario Bros. is a platform video game developed by none other than Nintendo where Mario is involved in the heroic rescuing of Princess Toadstool from King Bowser, while his brother Luigi, takes up the same role by another player, in this multi-player game.  The wooden box, in question is made of solid wood, with a strong gold metal hinge on the back and a very secure clasp in the front. It’s painted with great and quality acrylics, has a very glossy and glazed finish and its insides are lined with felt to keep your stuff absolutely scratch-free and safe!

This Small Wooden Box, Hand-painted

This Small Wooden Box, Hand-painted 2

And here’s the best part, though a lot of effort has gone into its making, it’s not as expensive as it looks and is available for the unbelievable price of $11.99.

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