Samsung Proxima helps you not to lose your mobile phone again

Do you have a tendency of losing your phone in public places? Do you take a lot of time to find your cellphone after you have misplaced it? Do you often forget your phone at home only to discover it later? If your answer is yes to these questions, it’s time to make use of the Samsung Proxima.

Samsung Proxima-1

Designed by Johan Loekito, the Samsung Proxima combines a phone and LED wristwatch in the same set up.

Samsung Proxima-2

The wristband, which acts as a dock for the detachable mobile phone, has an integrated proximity sensor that vibrates or emits a tone if the phone is too far from it and also helps you find the missing phone by simply pressing a button.

Samsung Proxima-3

What’s more, Samsung Proxima can also detect nearby contacts, thus allowing you to set your location and privacy details.

Samsung Proxima-4

So, let’s hope that the Samsung Proxima helps you to steer clear of losing another phone, never to find it again.

Samsung Proxima-5

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