Decorative Colorful Tetris Blocks for Geek Homes and Spaces

Geeks love everything that reflects their inane geek character and probably that is why so many products inspired by games and virtual world are flooding the market. Here are amazing large colorful Tetris Blocks which are essentially only decorative items for geek homes and office spaces. They will surely add color, color and fun element to any home.

decorative tetris blocks1

The Decorative Colorful Tetris Blocks were created by ElectricLemonade, who I am sure is a big fan of Tetris. Only a game fan can make real big Tetris blocks and stack them up in real space. Tetris is one of the old first generation computer games which is extremely popular even today. The simple game of stacking blocks cleverly is challenging as well as entertaining. These Tetris Blocks have much décor and fun value but we cannot use them as soft seats or pillows.

decorative tetris blocks2

This set of Decorative Tetris Blocks have been created by using simple bendy plastic skeleton with fleece glued on it and black lines painted on the borders. The blocks look like virtual Tetris blocks and can be used in leisure/games rooms in homes, offices and even schools.

decorative tetris blocks3

The set costs $40.00 and shipping is free for US . Needless to add they are highly stackable on couch, table or bed and children are going to love these blocks.

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