No, This is Not a Calculator it’s the Math Faux Calculator iPhone Case

If you’re looking for something spectacular to protect your priceless mobile phone, iPod or any other palm sized gadget, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is the Math Faux Calculator Geek Gadget Case spectacularly designed to blow your mind.No, This is Not a Calculator

No, This is Not a Calculator 2

This brilliant geek gadget case by Coolbeans 717 look exactly like a calculator and will surely keep people wondering why you keep a calculator in your pocket or why you keep removing your calculator when your cell phone rings.

No, This is Not a Calculator 3

Each of these amazing faux calculator iPhone cases are custom made, they’re hand cut, assembled and then machine stitched and measuring 3.25 inches in width and 5.15 inches in length, easily fit the iPhone 3G,  iTouch and various other similar sized cell phones, mp3 players and other electronic gadgets.

No, This is Not a Calculator 3No, This is Not a Calculator 5

This calculator gadget case serves as a great way to keep scratches off your most prized gadgets and if you’re a math geek then you’ve got to get your hands on this. How cool would it be to see the bizarre look on people’s faces when you keep taking this calculator out of your pocket and their change of expressions when you remove your cell phone from it. This calculator case also serves as a great conversation starter and will gather loads of attention amongst your fellow geeky friends.

This awesome Math Faux Calculator Geek Gadget Case is available on Etsy for $20 USD and surely makes any geek who loves Math happy.

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