Clock and camera rolled into one in the Color Wireless Mantel Clock Camera

Did you ever dream of a clock that can actually work as a camera too? If not, take a look at this Color Wireless Mantel Clock Camera.

Color Wireless Mantel Clock Camera-USB

Apart from working as a standard mantel clock, it has an integrated pinhole camera that can secretly capture video surveillance footage and stream the same to a receiver who is at a distance of 500 feet away.

Color Wireless Mantel Clock Camera-RCA

You can buy this camera for $299.95 in two versions, each of which includes RCA cables, paper instructions, power supply for the receiver and the unit that you can plug into the wall for powering. A USB version allows you to plug it directly into your computer to view the video. You may even stream the footage online and watch it from any corner of the world. Otherwise, you may buy an RCA receiver version and connect it to any TV, monitor, or other recording device such as a DVR. Since both these versions use encrypted transmission, no one will be able to access your security feed during the wireless transmission. So, you can enjoy interference free surveillance, thanks to the Color Wireless Mantel Clock Camera.

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