Cool Narcissistic Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It is Father’s Day today and what better way to make the #1 Dad feel even more important than by some cool Narcissistic Gifts that he could appreciate and could boost his ego even further?

We are actually not sure what kind of an Ego your Dad personally has, but he will surely appreciate the gesture of these Narcissistic gift ideas and could perhaps even need that extra attention for his special day. Well, whether or not these give you any true inspiration in the last minute, we still hope you have a Happy Father’s Day and really give your Dad the care that he deserves.

Personal Stuffed Animal

narcissistic gifts fathers day 2010

For the Father who can’t seem to get enough of himself, here is an easy way to provide him even more of his own looks and shape. I Am A Stuffed Animal is a cool gift that makes a Stuffed Animal based on images and specs you provide. Just imagine how excited your Dad would be if he opens his gift and sees a miniature version staring right back!

DNA Portraits

dna model portrait fathers day gift 2010

This is truly a narcissistic gift, for it grants any person a way to have an artistic portrait created based on their own DNA to hang around their home. The finished product will display their personal DNA Model Portrait with a variety of colors, sizes and designs to choose from.

dna model portrait fathers day gifts 2010

Fingerprint Portrait

fingerprint art portrait fathers day gift 2010

Just like the DNA portrait, this is another way for your Narcissistic Father to have a part of him to display all over the home, but this time, with his fingerprints. The downfall with this specific gift is if your house get broken into, your fingerprint portraits are there for everyone to see, which could be a little scary.

Robot Mini Me

robot mini me fathers day gift 2010

Just like we saw Dr Evil create a ‘Mini Me’ in his own shape in the comedy films, this is a cool way for your Dad to make another him…also in miniature form. The Robot Mini Me is created by a company named Little China which takes custom orders to make a small computer/robot to have both technical specs you want and look-alike specs for that extra ego boost.

The Applause Machine

applause machine fathers day gifts 2010applause machine fathers day gift 2010

What better way to make your Father the center of attention, even when he is by himself, then with the Applause Machine? This neat gadget is a simple way for anyone to get confirmation for work done well, to get a little boost in confidence or simply grants you the audience you deserve.

The Applause Box

applause box fathers day gift 2010

Just like the weird Applause Machine, the Applause Box works on the same principle. With this box, your Father could get the extra attention by simply lifting the lid and hearing the applause for a Good Job (or at least what he believes was).


Steak Branding Gadget

steak branding iron fathers day gifts 2010

The Steak Branding Gadget is one of the simplest ways to give a gift that makes your Dad his own Boss at the Barbecue. It is a branding iron that can be changed to say his name, a short phrase or anything else he wants to brand the steak with.

iPhone Self-Portrait Gadget

iphone self portrait mirror fathers day gifts 2010

Instead of keeping your iPhone at arm’s length and trying to take a worthy and wonderful picture of yourself, you could try this cool Narcissistic iPhone Gadget. The Self-portrait iPhone mirror is a neat gizmo that attaches to the back of your iPhone and thus changing the camera’s interest straight to you. So until you get the iPhone 4 with the 2 cameras, this cool gadget could help you take pictures of yourself all day long.


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