Star Wars Famous Icons Look Awesome in Stylish Clothes

If  Star Wars were real and if ever Star Wars Universe heroes and anti-heroes had indeed invaded Earth, I am sure they would have changed their ward robe according to the in vogue fashion. How else can one win over Earthlings? Well, a fashion designer geek at has tried his hand at clothing Star Wars icons in cool fashionable wear without taking away formidable essence of their characters and costumes (and their headgears).

star wars icon stylish designer clothing1

Take a look at these new style icons of Star Wars Universe – While Darth Vader is wearing Band of Outsiders its Maison Martin Margiela for Jar Jar Binks.

star wars icon stylish designer clothing2

Stroomtrooper looks cool in Thom Brownie attire while Clone Trooper appears stylish in A.P.C.

star wars icon stylish designer clothing 3

Can you imagine legendary faceless terror Bobb Fett walking down Star Wars street fashion ramp casually dressed in Supreme+visvim followed by his fearless father Jango Felt in Comme des Garcons stylish wear while Scout Trooper strikes pose in designer Victor & Rolf’s creation? Kudos to this geeky artistic imagination.

star wars icon stylish designer clothing4

Imperial Stormtroopers too will find it difficult to resist the new age capitalist self indulgence temptation.  Of course it is a matter of pride that Planet Earth is home to creative artistic geniuses who have created Star Wars Universe and the famous icons in the first place. We can even clothe and transform alien invaders into Earthlings for no one can conquer human intellect and imagination.

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Via Comic Alliance