Add Depth to Your Design with Zonal Wrist Band Watch

Pool in technologies and designs together, and that will result in the most challenging combinations by Tokyoflash. So be cool and geeky once again with this awesome concept of Zonal Wrist Watch showing off excellence with latest custom designer watches.

Add Depth to Your Design with Zonal Wrist Band

Tagged as Zonal, this wrist band flaunts an attractive appearance while playing with the display time to make it extremely elegant for all the geeks out there. It’s bound to take you back to the ancient codes and functions, where you can reveal the information in a cryptic manner. Well, the technical aspects of this watch do the same! The time display is suspended below the clear acrylic sheet, creating a prominent depth effect. You can see control buttons under the acrylic block to add on to the flashy design, while the wrist-band based watch can be read with the three red zones display time.

Add Depth to Your Design with Zonal Wrist Band 2

I guess you wouldn’t stop admiring its display aspects of the time reader, where the hours are indicated in the top right, five minute groups are shown in the bottom left and four single minutes in the bottom right. There could be nothing more appealing than this for all Tokyo Flash lovers.

Add Depth to Your Design with Zonal Wrist Band 3

Using similar colors in all the three blocks gives an extremely sophisticated look to this wrist watch. I guess the description itself will urge you to get this master piece on your hand as soon as possible, and to enjoy such wonderful concepts, check out the Race Track or the Gridlock Concept.

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