iPhoners Can Now Make Their Own Space Invaders Business Cards!

Did you ever face a situation, where you fell short of business cards, when you needed it the most? Thanks to Taito, now you can have a business card handy…literally in your hands. Taito has come up with an iPhone app that lets you create your own Space Invaders-themed virtual business card and trade with other iPhoners. Doesn’t it sound like a really cool app that can save your face instantly? All you need to do is to switch on the Bluetooth of your iPhone and start trading your ‘soft’ business card.

space invaders business card

In an eco-friendly spirit, I would adopt and recommend this greener version of the card. The app is free, so there no excuse for not using it. With this app you don’t even need card holders; you can keep collecting the cards in your phone itself.

space invaders business card2

The information that this card displays are names, addresses, twitter accounts, email, website URL. Phone calls can be made directly from the business card and you can always be upto date with their recent tweets. Even the messages can be sent directly from this card.

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Via: TinyCartridge