22 Coolest Soaps for Geeks

If you are one of those to whom people refer to as a “geek” then there is a high probability that they might also make some presumptions such as you take bath only once a week (or month), you wear clothes that have not been washed for days, and you are the worst example of a metro sexual male.

Probably you are one of these kinds in real or your thick spectacles and fizzy uncombed hair provoke people to think of you as a filthy geek. However, they need not think of you as one anymore, especially after looking at your cool collection of geeky soaps.

So all the geeks out there, and also those non-geeks who are lazy enough to adapt a geek’s lifestyles, get yourself a collection of some of the coolest and geekiest soaps that have been assimilated in this article just for you. Now get rid of that body odor and be a true metro sexual by not only choosing something that would enhance your personality but would also represent as to what you really are. Take a look at these cool soaps and I bet you wouldn’t ever walk out of your home “unclean” again.

Star Wars Logo Soap Bar

Star-Wars Logo Soap, inspired from the Star Wars sci-fi series, is a hand made soap which lets you enjoy your shower without any use of chemicals. Yes, you heard it right, chemical-free. The highlight of this Star Wars merchandise, touted to be the largest soap ever, is its imprinted logo.

Star Wars Sith Soap Bar

You could also try out the other Star Wars Sith Soap to get rid of all the dirt which lets your good side dominate the dark one.

Xbox Soap Bar

A unique solution for keeping you from being lazy while enjoying games on Xbox is the impressive Xbox Soap along with Mountain Dew Type Shampoo Combo.

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Xbox Controller Replica Soap

If you spend most of the time by playing game on Xbox 360 Controller, take a look at this black Xbox 360 Controller Replica Soap. It surely will inspire you to step into your bathroom and enjoy the grapefruit fragrance. Xbox 360 Controller Soap is another variety that will catch your attention if you are passionate about games. It is made up of glycerin and has a raised button design.

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Halo 3 Master Chief Soap

Like the Master Chief of Halo 3 games if you have ever felt the need to fight out your opponents – biggest being germs in real life, use the handmade Halo 3 Master Chief Soap.

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Wiimote Controller Soap

Wiimote Controller Soap is specially designed for all those who find it difficult to stay away from their gadgets. While it cleanses you with its coconut aroma, it also allows you to enjoy the gaming experience.

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NES Nintendo Game Controller Soap

Taking your excitement levels higher is the blue transparent NES Nintendo Game Controller Soap available in different aromas.

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PS3 Controllers Soap Bar

PS3 Controllers have ruled the market in quite a big way now, but taking its popularity a few notches up is the new PS3 Controllers Soap Bar. Another variation – PS3 Controller Soap is the soft touch your body needs after having continuously played games on the real PS3 Controller Soap.

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Sony PSP Gaming Soap Bar

Wouldn’t you be enthralled to carry your Sony gaming console with you while you decide to take a shower. Well, of course not the real one but the Sony PSP Gaming Soap Bar which has an uncanny resemblance to its original gaming console.

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iPhone Soap Bar

Stepping into your bathroom with an iPhone can be a reality now with the iPhone Soap. While it lets your body get hydrated, it gives you the feel of a real iPhone from Apple. iPhone Soap Bar which has icons and a touch screen similar to your real iPhone lets you go techy while bathing. Use it to become ‘hip-happening’ amongst your peers.

Pacman and Gang of Ghost Soaps

For all the gaming-geeks, Pacman and Gang of Ghost Soaps is surely an amazing way to add the touch of game to your bathrooms.

Periodic Table Soap Bar

Now, you don’t have to worry if you have been missing out on your science classes. Periodic Table Soap, which resembles a blackboard and features a periodic table is your savior.

Ctrl Alt Delete Soap Bar

You are aware how to reboot your PC using Ctrl+Alt+Del. Why not use Ctrl Alt Delete Soap that lets your body to get rejuvenated with a beautiful mango fragrance?

Google Gmail Soap Bar

With Google becoming an important part of our lives, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you hear of Google Gmail Soap. Yet to be launched, this soap is a must for all those who live in the virtual world.

Bacon Scented Soap Bar

Bacon Scented Soap is this new soap with smell and look of bacon. So don’t you be shocked if someone tells you of having used it not for breakfast but shower.

Beer Soap Bar

Ever wondered how it would feel like using a Beer Soap? Well, you can try this cold processed soap which satiates your hygiene needs rather than drinking.

Tetris Soap Bar

Tetris has been a very popular video game for over two decades now. Many of you who are still fond of the game will love to have this set of 15 Tetris Brick Soap Bars. Parting from your favorite Tetris Game can be highly disappointing for you. But what if you get these in the form of soap? You will definitely go gaga over this scented Tetris Block Shaped Soap Bars, inspired from level 7 of the game.

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NES and Super Nintendo Cartridge Soap

If you are up for some fun and wish to give a surprise to all your friends, show them your new NES and Super Nintendo Cartridge Soap.

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Fight Club Soap Bar

You have always wanted to be adventurous like the characters of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club but lacked the necessary boost. With the Fight Club Soap, you not only feel clean but also get that extra confidence to take up challenging tasks in life.