Paper Craft Transforms Viewtiful Joe Into A Beautiful Joe!

I never knew paper could do such wonders till I watched the Viewtiful Joe Paper Craft by Taras Lesko. Lesko creation is a tribute to this video game from the Play Station 2, which is also his all time action adventure.

viewtiful joe papercraft

The artist proves the point that charity begins at home. This 3.5ft paper craft model is going to doll up the artists own home. The model of Viewtiful Joe actually compliments the color coordination used in his living room. The wall is white in color whereas the sofa and the lamp shades are in red.

viewtiful joe papercraft2

Viewtiful Joe was acknowledged and awarded for its visual style and gameplay by several media publications. Although it was a minor commercial success, it saw some sequels and was released on various other consoles for instance PlayStation Portable (PSP) and Nintendo DS. An anime version of the game was also aired in Japan.

viewtiful joe papercraft3

Taras Lesko, is a web/flash designer who looks upto God for inspiration and puts love into his work. So, now I got to know the secret behind this Beautiful Joe.

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Via : TinyCartridge Via: GamOvr