Interactiv’ Boxing: A Punching Bag on Par with Technology

Are you tired of those extremely boring workouts at the gym? Well here’s an alternative! This brilliant, technologically advanced punching bag from Domyos called Interactiv’ Boxing will get you fit in a fun and interactive, easy going way. Interactiv’ Boxing This amazing Interacativ’ Boxing punching bag concept from Damien Urvoy is designed for recreational boxing at home and has 10 interactive programs which monitor your progress in saved data records. Using this punching bag you hit the LEDs which light up which of course vary with each training program you choose and the electronic counter keeps a record of your points and your best performances. Interactiv’ Boxing 2 This punching bag has 10 training programs to suit your ability and the intensity of your training session. There is a warm-up program for a safe workout, 2 cardio training programs, 4 boxing programs according to your ability (beginner, amateur, pro and semi-pro) and 1 interval training program. There are also 2 game programs included, to test your memory and speed which you can enjoy with your family or friends. Interactiv’ Boxing 4 This Interactiv’ Boxing bag features a long battery life and can also be attached to a wall with the separately sold, Wall Bracelet and can thus be properly adjusted according to your height. So if you’re looking for an alternative to your boring workouts at the gym all you need to do is get this brilliant Interactiv’ Boxing punching bag and transform your workouts into loads of fun. Also Check out few other boxing products like the new Beat on the Block or the USB Powered Cruching Rocky Balboa.