The AVA Concept Phone Is A Twin Screen Beauty

With the iPhone ushering in a new(touch) phase in mobile phone development other users the world over have been working diligently to come out with bigger and better touch sensitive screens and Donnie Mamanov’s creation seems to take things to a whole new level by incorporating a secondary screen that collapses into the side of the phone.AVA 1

The AVA as it is called features a main 100×54mm screen and when needed a 100×90mm screen folds out from the side of the phone leaving the original screen free to be used as Querty keyboard which with its larger buttons is sure to make typing a lot less stressful.


But don’t mistake size for lack in performance because the AVA boasts ground breaking nano technology to extract all the functionality out of the given phone body; the size of the screen is sure to elevate the experience of surfing the net and the fact that it is collapsible will make it a very portable device.


However to set it apart form competition like the Magic Stone Phone it will need to stand out  in a crowd and Donnie plans on doing just this by accessorizing it with an elegant bluetooth touch pad just in case you wanted to explore your artistic side.


To sum it up the AVA concept is not too radical for a futuristic cellphone (at least in comparison to the Cobalto Moblie Phone) but it means that this otherwise amazing phone may hit the markets in the not too distant future.