A Stereo FM Tuner that Says I am Not a Clock

I look like a clock but I am not one. Make a guess, what am I? This is probably what this cool new gadget would be asking you.

Now take a careful look. There is black dial with wheel like knobs in the center. Each wheel takes care of one hand each on the dial. But wait a minute, what do the numbers on the dial signify? This is what will give you a clue. If you have guessed it right this is a stereo FM tuner. And its name is “I’m not a clock”. Amazing, isn’t it?

The two hands on the dial represent the frequency and volume and hence the two knobs for each. An added feature, and an exciting one, of this radio is the remote control. You can easily place the radio any where you wish to, place it on a table or hang it on the wall, controlling its movements is never going to be a problem.

This “I’m not a clock” FM radio is one among the various “I’m not” series. If you are not familiar with what this series is about here is a little introduction. The various products designed under this series look like a particular product but actually function as some other product. You could pick one as a prank for an April fools day. Take for example the Time Tuner Alarm Clock. It looks like an FM radio but is actually an alarm clock. Or take a look at the cell shaped salt and pepper shaker.

Like many of the other products, “I’m not a clock” is a product of Istanbul based Antrepo, a ‘multi-disciplinary design culture’. Antrepo is a team of designers who are always eager to try out something out of the ordinary. There can never be a fresh idea if the desire is lacking. Antrepo reaches out to designers with a fresh idea crossing lines of culture and political barriers and allows musings and inspiration to flow in from all quarters. When the brain gets working there is no stopping it and this is what leads to the birth of something fresh and new.

“I’m not a clock” is the result of one such brainstorming session and the eagerness to produce something new. Hang it up on the wall and wait for you friends trying to tell the time by your ‘clock’. You are sure to give them a surprise and what a surprise it will be.

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