Mario Kart Mini Cars Bring the Game to Life

You know after an intense round of Mario Kart with your friends (On the Super Nintendo of course, best version so far in my opinion) you wonder what it would be like to have your own little kart to race around and shoot turtle shells at people. Well wonder no more! With these Mario Kart Mini cars you can setup your own track and race your friends remote control style. They may be small, but they still look like a ton of fun.

Now of course it would be a nice novelty item if you could just race them around, but according to the control pictures here it looks like they take some of the items from the game into account as well. The red shell and uber blue spiked shell of doom are noticeably absent, but we still have a fine collection of items like the mushroom, star, the classic lightning bolt, green shell, and our old friend the banana peel. Now I’m really curious how exactly that’s worked into the game. Does your character pick them up randomly? How are you expected to aim a fictional banana peel or shell at one of your friends who are racing? I’m not really sure, but if they made it work I would be all for this.

The game looks like it comes with 5 Super Mario Bros characters (no toad OR koopa?! what kind of game is this!?) from the electronic version of the game. I don’t see any mention of it, mind you, but I’m thinking that each little racer does not have the same acceleration, speed, and control differences that you see in the Wii and other versions of the game. Despite it’s apparent flaws in character choice though, it would probably be more exciting than racing around your Mario Kart characters made out of office supplies. Just having a remote controlled mario kart character seems fun in and of itself, and I’m sure you could setup some ridiculous looking tracks to race on. My-living-room-to-the-kitchen cup here I come! 150cc baby!

Via: Fubiz