The UI iPad & iPhone Stencil Kits Are What Every Apple App Designer Needs!

What do the great minds over at Apple’s iPad and iPhone section do when they have a sudden outburst of ideas? well the answer to this question does not lie with us either but we do know something, something that you can turn to when you have a similar outburst of ideas, presenting the iPad and iPhone Stencil Kit, a product that will get some heads turning even in the Apple’s App Design Department!

iPad stencil kit3

The idea behind these stencil is quite simple, it is here to put your App ideas on the paper and then if you are lucky you might get them turned into reality! These high end precision cut metal stencils are a great tool for any App Developer and lets them easily trace all the standard buttons and other similar tabs on paper, in addition to the stencil one can also buy the cool iPad and iPhone sketchbooks that totally resemble their respective gadgets in all terms of dimension, position of buttons and even color, together they make a great tool for any budding App Developer.

iPhone Stencil Kit 1

The standard Stencil Kit contains the following.. for the iPad & iPhone stencil kit one will need to shell out $24.95 per kit and your 1:1 stencil kit will feature the following- a 0.7mm Zebra Mechanical Pencil, Interaction technique table on back and 2 UI Stencils Stickers.

iPad stencil kit4

iPad stencil kit6

Similar features are available on the iPhone Stencil kit but with the addition of the Downloadable PDF letter or A4 sized printable template that will allow the users to put their ideas on a much greater scale.

iPhone Stencil Kit 2

iPhone Stencil Kit 4

In case of the Sketchbook one needs to shell out an additional $12.95 and it features the following- Printing on both sides, Grid lines, Project name, Screen, and Date fields, 50 sheets, 70 lb paper, Cardboard back and Easy tear off sheets for scanning and review.

iPad sketchbook4

iPad sketchbook7

Similar to the iPad and iPhone stencils, the company has also created the iPad sketchbook’s counterpart, the iPhone Sketchpad a product that will guarantee a job well done but with an added price tag of the same amount as that of the sketchbook. So without wasting any further moments get yourself one of these and start sketching, who knows your idea could be turned into the next cool APP!

iPhone Sketchpad1

iPhone Sketchpad4

But if you are too lazy to design your own app then you should probably have a look at these cool ones, maybe one of them could strike some inspiration in you, like this Street Orchestra iPhone App or the Daily Digg iPad App that brings you in your newspaper style.

iPad sketchbook

iPhone Stencil Kit 3