Simon Says Your Brain Needs Simon Game Carabiner!

I saw my 55year old aunt getting obsessed with the idea of preventing memory loss. She’s tried her hands on Soduko, learning new languages, meditation and what not. Although I am not so old, I ‘inherited’ this obsession too.  And this obsession led to my discovery of Simon Game Carabiner, available for only $12.00.


Simon Game is based on an electronic game of memory skill invented by Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison. It features four buttons in the colors, green, blue, yellow and blue. These buttons light up in a sequence and the player has to remember this and press the buttons in the correct sequence. You can choose from any of the three variations of the game by changing the settings. You could also choose the level of difficulty in the game.

It can be played as a multi-player game and each of the players choose a color. If the player hits the wrong tone in the sequence, he gets eliminated and it goes to the next player. This continues until only one player, or color, is left, who becomes the winner.

This game has diminished in size to take form of a carabiner or a keychain, making it indispensable from your life.  I would like to relive this classic 80’s game and voice its marketing tune “Simon’s a Computer, Simon has a brain, and you either do what Simon says or else go down the drain”.

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