Now Get Creative With The New Origami Sticky Notes!

Sticky notes are well known by every one, they are these small and humble yellow pieces of paper that constantly strive to remind us about the tasks we need to complete for the day, and once they serve their task they usually end up in the trash can. This idea of discarding these little bits of important paper was not well digested by some guys out there so they decided to make them into little pieces of origami models and thus took place the birth of the Origami Sticky Notes.
Origami Sticky notesSelling for just $3.99 this set of 100 sticky notes are sure to outshine all it’s boring and mundane predecessors, adding to it, these new sticky notes will also invoke some creativity in the people and with an added advantage of being eco-friendly at the same time. Each of these sticky notes carry detailed printed instructions on them on how to make a cool origami model, also their darkness is matched perfectly so as not to interfere with the scribbling and at the same time not too dull to be barely visible.

These sticky notes could just be the perfect thing that you might looking for, in order to pass some time on your office or just play around with something, but if your are looking to create something big then you should probably have a look at the Post It space Invaders Portrait, and if you are looking for more of origami fun that have seeped into the daily stuff we use then you should also check out the Origami Toilet Paper.