Trick Out Your Geeky Ride With this ColorWare Segway

Since the automobile was invented there have been enthusiasts looking to customize their ride however they see fit, from the relatively mundane to the completely outrageous (examples include this real life Batpod and of course the Lotus segway mockup design). Still, I don’t think I’d ever put my own Segway (if i had one, I never could find a use for it outside of rolling around looking like a nerd) to the same treatment, but at least you now have the option with this ColorWare Segway.

I’ll admit the basic Segway colorations aren’t the most sleek looking vehicles ever. Currently owners are restricted to black, white, or sage models, but Coloware has stepped into the (very small?) biche with some customized parts and coloration. Pretty much any kind of color you can think of, it’s an option here, whether its a variety of colors or if metallic hues are your thing they’ll have you covered there as well. If I had to guess they’ll only be selling brand new Segways, although having them take your used junky segway and spice it up might be an option at some point in the future as well.

You can choose new colors for the handle bars, upper leansteer, lower leansteer, leansteer hyb, center console, front bumper, front battery, rear battery, inner hubs, wheels and hub caps. In other words if you can see a part on the Segway, they will color it for you. I think it’d be funny ot head over to Coloware’s site and just start putting together the most obnoxious combination I can think of. Throw in some hot pink for the wheel wells combined with a navy blue battery and neongreen handlebars and let’s not forget the dark brown leansteer hub. Oh yeah, I have this well in hand. If you’re wondering what it will cost for you for a brand new customized Colorware, you might want to brace your wallter. It comes in at a low price of “only” $6,000. On second thought, you can keep the extra colors…and the segway too.

Via: Gadgetsteria