How To Make Your Own iPhone 4 Papercraft Model

All you unlucky Apple enthusiasts, who haven’t been able to get their hands on the much hyped iPhone 4, behold, for this iPhone D.I.Y. paper craft model has come to cheer you up!how to make your own iphone 4 papercraft model

Well, this is not real for sure – how can it be? For it’s made up of paper! – But all in all it makes for a good non working replica of the original gadget. And the best is still untold, it’s completely free. Yes, all you gotta do to have your hands on one of these is print the image on an A4 size paper, cut accordingly and glue the appropriate areas. It doesn’t work which is sure, but it makes for a great keepsake for crazy iPhone fans.

Other freaky iPhone ideas for iPhone fanatics include things like the iPhone and iPad UI stencils, the iPhone Paper TV or the previous model of the iPhone 3G Papercraft.

Via:  Obama Pacman