What If Jamaica Produced the Star Wars Imperial March?

Well, though hilarious not many would have taken such a thought seriously; at least until now, when four young and one seemingly middle aged musician have gone out on a limb and recreated the Star Wars Imperial March on steel drums(probably out of boredom or lack of employment).

The result of their labor and creativity though is a quirky variation to the original Imperial March which retains the basic structure of the original piece but at the same time adds a very Jamaican flavor to it all thanks to the melodic steel drums. The piece sounds much lighter than the original striking joy rather than fear and awe into the heart of the listener; the musicians too with their funny and synchronous(but unintentional) gestures add to the humor of the piece, technically though the piece was pretty good portraying the skill of the musicians.

In reality however, this version is too light for the Star Wars sage and would be a better fit for a Saturday morning cartoon remake.

Well, for other great Star Wars music remakes, check out the Tesla Coils Imperial March, the Arduino Star Wars Theme and also the Imperial March Floppy Disk Drive version.