Xelsis – An Intelligent Digital Fingerprint Coffee Maker

A romantic believes that love makes the world go round. A capitalist believes that it’s the green bucks that makes the world go around. A coffee lover believes that only when the world has woken up (with a cup of coffee that is) can it begin to turn around.

Having a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the morning chases away those sleepy blues and helps you to kick-start your day. The problem is…making that perfect cup of coffee. If you believe that instant Nescafe can provide you with that perfect cuppa, then you should probably skip this read. If you believe that you can have your perfect cuppa at office or at a neighborhood Starbucks, read on…

The fancy coffee maker at your office or at Starbucks will not satisfy your caffeine fantasy, but it will keep those mugs of coffee coming. Those coffee machines are meant to produce cups of coffee like an assembly line: generic and impersonal. The perfect cup of coffee needs to have your personal touch.

The Xelsis Digital by Saeco is a one touch coffeemaker that allows you to add a personal touch to your daily morning brew and enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

Xelsis Digital might seem like a regular coffeemaker but it is far more than that. The digital coffeemaker allows you to set and store your coffee settings with the help of its fingerprint reader mounted on top.

To brew your personal cup of coffee every morning, simply press the fingerprint reader and the machine will brew a cuppa according to your personal settings. The coffeemaker can store up to six personalized user settings, which makes it a perfect coffee companion for the whole family.

Any coffee lover will tell you that grinding coffee beans is an important step in preparing coffee. With a built-in ceramic grinder, the intelligent Xelsis Digital takes care of that aspect too. You just need to store the coffee beans in the machine and it will take care of the rest.

The digital coffeemaker is not just about intelligent functions; it has supermodel looks to boot with an elegant, mirrored stainless steel finish. The black TFT color display is subtle and allows users to view their settings easily.

Drinking coffee is not simply limited to sipping a steaming hot brew. It is an experience. The Xelsis Digital recreates the aura and the quality of coffee that is served at the finest European cafes.

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Via: Cnet