DC Comics Go Digital So That Comic Books Are Available To The Masses!

Imagine this franchise, on living earth which is so popular it can only be described as a universe in itself. It’s a no brainer; I’m talking about DC Comics! And guess what you comic book fans, DC comics has FINALLY gone digital on the iPad, iPhone and Play Station Network (PSN). Yes, flying superheroes, Gotham city’s caped crusader, the very attractive feminist are going to invade the screens of every Apple product you have!DC Comics Go Digital So That Comic Books Are Available To The Masses!

DC comics is teaming up with ComiXology and PlayStation Network in creating Digital comic book, perfect for casual comic book readers and for those who do not have an easy access to comic books or comic book stores. Now, while the application is free, comic book downloads will cost users anything from $.99 to $2.99 per issue, which is way cheaper than a regular comic book, and ideal to create new comic book fans! A major bonus is that DC comics will include the non superhero titles like “Fables”, “Sandman” as well as popular titles like “Batman” and “Superman”. On the PlayStation 80 comics will be added, while a100 comic books from DC’s Library will be added to the library each month! For all those pessimists out there, several free comic books like Batman: City of Scars will be available for the launch and a 10-page preview of the 700th issue of Superman.

So, comic book fans, welcome DC comics into the Digital Age and you will never have to carry a comic book around!

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via: comicsalliance