15 Video Game Themed Energy Drinks

Why be a geek with diminishing energy? Try these energy drinks. Some may contain caffeine, some have an insane price tag, some of them are limited edition ones, but what matters ultimately is that they simply make you jump up with energy and consist of a perfect theme. Bring out the gamer in you and experience the ultimate gaming taste!

1. Pacman

Pacman drink is a classic drink coming in a great looking can. You can’t fight the ghosts all day long unless you have the right amount of caffeine, and Pacman is simply the answer. For those of you who expect a cherry flavor, you might be a little unimpressed. But definitely, it is an all new taste.

2. Donkey Kong

Jungle juice is not anymore the liquor mix! With the Donkey Kong Jungle Juice which was introduced back in 2008, jungle juice gets an all new definition. The pink bubblegum flavor is an interesting idea as a beverage. Though not really very energetic, the 8.4 oz cans did cheer up the market.

3. Nintendo Super Mario Bros

super mario bros energy drink

Nintendo did not seem to be satisfied with just Super Mario Bros – and so they came up with Power Up Energy Drink, their most delicious fantasy. Tasting like blue raspberry, the drink was a super hit in market. Of course, I miss the mushroom shaped bottles!

4. DragonBall Z

DragonBall Z power boost energy drink is yet another video game tie-in. each can is filled with 8.4 oz of sweet red energy. It would have been appreciable if the drink was more of fruit juice than the caffeine blend. At all, it is market for an age group of four and above.

5. Resident Evil

The T-Virus antidote is a canned energy drink that was released as a part of promotion of Resident Evil. Whether or not it succeeded its undertaking is extraneous as the drink offered an excellent feed to the taste buds. And sure enough, in case of a zombie outbreak you have the antidote not far from your local store. What an idea!

6. Halo 3

halo 3 energy drink

Here is one example to prove that it is not simply the taste but the game that matters. Halo 3 Mountain Dew was in market as a limited edition in promotion with the release of Halo 3 Game. The drink was a citrus- cherry flavor, and have no doubt:  gamers did try out the drink as they say for the “ultimate gaming experience”.

halo 3 energy drink 2

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7. Street Fighter

street fighter energy drink 2

This cherry flavored drink should give you all the energy that you need for the day. It definitely gives you the power to punch and super combo your way through the day just like Ken or Guile. The can is modeled to have a fresh and beguiling look. You can pick up a 24 pack of this great drink for $64.98.

8. Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

Coming in 16 collectible cans, Final Fantasy XIII ‘Elixir’ drink has additional B vitamins and caffeine to team you in your game. It may not taste perfect at first, but then once it goes down, it is going to give you the correct amount of energy to keep you going and liking the drink! The ones prior in the series were not exactly Elixir but Potions, yet they did score well in the market.

9. MegaMan

Getting inspiration from the long list of gamer drinks is yet another energy drink in store- Rockman E Can Drink. Not to get you baffled, here is the small information that Mega man is called Rock man in Japan. Looking closely like an energy cell, the can has a symbolic E on it, thanks to the freaky design. Sure enough, it does fall in the list of collectible cans.

10. Gears of War Imulsion Drink

gears of war imulsion drink

Fans of Gears of War would love this drink that is branded based on the game both in looks and name. It may not give you any extra power in the game, but it brings the geekiness to the real world.

11. Ghostbusters Energy Drink

ghostbusters energy drink

Originally released as an additional promotion for the video game, the Ghostbusters Energy Drink is not slimy as you would expect. It is simply a soft drink full of sugar to allow to you to continue the game.

12. Modern Warfare Monster Assault

modern warfare energy drink

As extra promotion for the game, Monster Energy Drinks teamed up with Modern Warfare to create the newly branded: Monster Assault drink. This promo included codes for free games, posters and other collectibles.

13. Monster Hunter Drink

monster hunter energy drink

Monster Hunter was a popular RPG in Japan that included 11 actual games for Online modes. It may not be as popular as World of Warcraft or so, but it was popular enough to get a drink released after it.

14. Sengoku Basara Drink

sengoku basara energy drink

Capcom has also decided to release an energy drink with 3 different flavors as can be seen here: Date Masamune Sports Drink, Kojuurou Katakura Oolong Tea and Sanada Yukimura Cassis & Orange.

15. Sonic the Hedgehog

sonic the hedgehog energy drink

There was a time when Sonic was so popular, kids would purchase anything released..hence, an energy drink to keep children awake, so they could keep up with Sonic.