The Doggie Lamp Is a Cute Buddy!

All of us, at one point or the other have been hit by an emotion called loneliness. It is very natural to look for like minded friends. But did you ever count on dogs? Why not. After all dogs are known to be man’s best friend. Well, here I’m not talking about a real dog, but a dog which can lead you from darkness to light. And most importantly, be your companion in those lonely nights.
If you are one of those people who love to read at night, but can’t have your usual lights on, this Dog Lamp can come handy; and you can assemble and color it yourself too. The dog’s head is a lamp holder where you can insert the bulb. The wires are absolutely safe to use. The four short legs and a tail needs to be fixed to the body. The body of the dog can be used as a pen stand. Now, this makes it a multi-purpose dog.
Dog lamp diy
The dogs head which consists of the bulb can be rotated in any direction. So you can make sure that light is concentrated on your book. It can be a good gift item for children but they should not be asked to fix it. If you are not good at handling electric equipments, get it done from someone who can.
The dimensions of the product are as follows. Length: 28CM, Height: 26CM and Weight: 11CM. The Price of the product is, ¥ 78.00RMB.
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Via: Geek Cook Thanks @digitalboy for the tip!