This is Not a Gun but a Night Vision Digital Video Camera

You might be interested in nocturnal activity but the only thing that keeps you back is the unavailability of proper vision. Consider your problems solved with the advent of this new Night Vision Digital Video Camera.

The pistol shaped night vision camera has everything that you would need to get a clear view in the dark and much more. A quick look at its features will prove that nothing could have been better than this.

In the darkness of the night you never know what danger lies ahead and therefore you need clear vision. This digital camera stands up to its name. While it clears the peripherals it also facilitates clear vision up to 40 feet, and that too in pitch darkness. You can not only view but at the same time also record all the happenings. The 2GB memory card makes it is possible to store close to two hours of night vision recorded material. At the click of a button you can easily switch preferences from video to still photography. The in-built two-inch color LED screen acts as a view finder as well as a screen to view recorded video. This can be true spy gear material for all you inquisitive ones out there.

Taking a step further this camera provides facilities well beyond its name. Consider the software package that you get with it. You have complete two hours of recorded footage but to make it presentable it has to be edited. This is where the night video editing software comes in handy. Other basic editing tools like image rotation, correction, and paint bucket are also available for your convenience. How about making the video clip a little more presentable? Make use of the various backgrounds, slide screens and custom presentations to get amazing results. Since it is designed for anyone above the age of 8 it is very user friendly and can be handled by a novice also with ultimate ease.

Night Vision might be its name but it is possible to switch over to daytime recording as well. This could be an added advantage of this camera – not all daytime recorders facilitate night vision recording but this one is named Night Vision which supports day vision.

Along with the awesome software package the product comes with some of the usual things you would get with any other camera – a TV out cable, a USB cable and a quick start guide. You can buy this camera at $99.99.

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