Antique Themed Reliquary Keyboard is a Collecter’s Choice!

Every one dreams of having an off the track item that grabs eyeballs, and with this antiquely designed fully functional keyboard, you will surely be an envious icon in your circle.

reliquary computer keyboard mod design 1

Presenting here the eye catching custom made reliquary computer keyboard from Datamancer, which, as the name suggests, comes housed in an ornate brass banded wooden box with removable beveled, stained glass lids. The box lid opens to reveal an antiquely and artistically designed fully functional modern keyboard. The front panel, which is hinged, folds down to expose the wrist rest, which makes this thingy a lot more comfortable to use.

reliquary computer keyboard mod design

The best thing about this keyboard, according to me, are the buttons; man! they are so supercoolly designed, that they make the keyboard look even sassier.

reliquary keyboard mod design 1

All in all, this keyboard is a collector’s choice special, and I bet, that an ardent antique collector would not mind burning a deep hole in his pocket for such stuff.

reliquary keyboard mod design 2

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reliquary keyboard mod design