Animatronic Halo Elite Costume is Frighteningly Real

If my time spent playing the Halo games online is any indication, most would-be Master Chief wannabes are young teenage kids with a nack for screaming into their mics for no particular reason. If they had to face down this Animatronic Halo Elite, I bet they would change their tune, and in a hurry too. This beast stands 7 feet tall with frighteningly accurate detail to go along with it.

When examing Halo costumes, you’re probably used to something a little less impressive. I’ve seen some pretty cool looking costumes made out of merely cardboard boxes and well placed paint. Even this Halo custom made Nerf Assault Rifle or Halo Xbox 360 Mod look pretty badass without all of the fluff, but the guys at Petemander GFX when well beyond the call of duty here. The funniest shot in here is the kid standing on half of the suit, which gives you an idea of just how large this thing is.

Unfortunately there aren’t much details to go on in terms of cost, how much manpower it took together, and what all the materials that make up the suit are comprised of, but there is a handy video that gives us a general idea of how much effort it took to put this awesome creation together (hint: a lot). I’m not even gonna try and estimate how much this thing would cost either, but the guys over at PeteMander do this for a living, so I’m gonna assume way out of most of our price ranges.

It’s hard to tell where the animatronics actually plays into this costume, but they do have a demonstration on their own site under “demo reels” that shows the movement of the elite’s mouth. That video ends with the caption “To be continued” as well, which likely means that they will be working in additional movement/animatronics at a later date. Even if they never make any improvements, this costume can stand on it’s own two feet, I’d wager.

Via:  Device Magazine