A Laptop Shaped Lamp

There can simply be no end to the variety of designs we get to see of a given product. Take for example the computer. Ever since it was invented it has undergone changes beyond imagination. And it has not even been a century since the first computer was operated. The huge desktop was shrunk in size. It went from the desk to the lap and next to the palm. Moreover a variety of products have been designed to resemble the laptop.

One recent addition in the list of designs close to the laptop is the ‘lamptop’. No there has been no typo error. Designed by Alex Nesterenko the lamptop is an innovatively designed lamp meant for your tabletop and hence the name. Take a look at its sleek design and let yourself admire it. At first glance it does look like a laptop but the hood on the top would give rise to doubts in ones minds.

Keeping the laptop in mind this lamp base is designed like a keyboard which has particular keys for controls. The middle portion is the support which consists of a display screen and the top hood portion contains the light source. Let’s take a look at each section individually.

The keyboard, as can be seen, consists of a couple of keys that are quite common for a computer keyboard. There is a power button, and the keys Ctrl, Alt and Delete. To switch on the lamp you will be required to press the power button. To turn it off you press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Cool concept, isn’t it?

The support bar has a display screen. But what does it display? You can use it as an electronic photo album. As it comes with an in-built RAM and monitor photos can be uploaded from any portable device and viewed on the screen. As you turn on the lamp you bring to light fond memories too.

The hood section contains the light bulbs that actually give the product its name – the lamptop. This is the part of the product that actually justifies the name. How can it be possible to have a lamptop without a lamp?

The product is yet to be launched in the market but a mere look at it attracts admirers. Once available you can purchase it for yourself or as a gift for your near and dear ones. This small source of light can prove to be a source of happiness for all.

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