13 Cool Travel Assist Robots

The robotic world is growing fast and wide. Gone are the time when robots were seen only in science fictions and movies. Today, the are robot servants who can help you in your daily life, and here are some interesting robots and ideas for Travel purposes. In other words, Travel Assisting Robots to help prepare, assit during and make sure things are taken care of while you are away.

1. Personal Driver Robot

Travel is always fun but could also be considered risky. The ever increasing accidents and such prove that human beings are lousy drivers. So, start imagining a robot-driver that will take you to the destination safely and in an orderly fashion. Now you would be able to listen to music, work on your laptop, eat during the ride or do so many other things you weren’t able to when driving.

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2. Robot for business travel

qb travel robot image

With QB, the first professional mobile proxy robot, business travel may become a distant dream. It simply lets you to be anywhere, anytime. With a few clicks, QB will be where you want it to be and you can feel like you are there. Forget the boring hours spent on business trips, save the air expenses and at the same time it could provide better communication between the various branches of the firm.

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3. Companion robot

paparo companion robot

Everything about this robot PaPeRo is fascinating. At times, when you have to move alone, PaPeRo can make you smile. It has speech and face recognition softwares and can even respond to your touch with the receptors it possesses.  It can keep you entertained with quizzes and other games and can even convey a message and charges automatically. A True Companion-Robot!

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4. Towel Folding Robot

towel folding robot image thumb

Traveling is always fun but getting your baggage ready is a task. So, let someone else do that for you. This towel folding robot will fold all your clothes and place them in neat piles. All that you have to do is to put them in the bag. Make use of the twos even-axis hands and wheeled base and let travel be pure fun and no-trouble.

5. Luggage carrier

Carrying a few kilos while on travel is not always fun – especially in traffic packed places like the airport. So, the Japanese authorities came up with this luggage carrier robot. The robot can be guided to the destination in two ways- either you can tell it, or use the touchscreen. Have time to enjoy the trip and not worry about your luggage.

6. Luggage follower

tony luggage robot image

Ever got tired of carrying luggage around? Let that be the case no more. Here is Tony the Luggage Robot who will follow you and carry your luggage. The robot can possibly move around carrying luggage for more than 2 hours. And don’t worry about the stairs and obstacles in its path- the IR and ultrasound sensors will take care of those. You don’t have to keep turning around to look if Tony and your baggage are safe; simply carry the ‘card’ in your pocket that will notify if Tony is missing!

7. Tourist Guide Robot

The next time you are in The New Kitakyushu Airport, there will be these beautiful looking lady robot to help you and provide tips for better travel. They can even move around. A truly great idea to save manpower!

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8. Travel Tip Robot

The rest rooms in Japan are speck-free these days. If you are there, don’t expect to see someone with a vacuum cleaner cleaning every possible inch of space. Instead, this cute ladybug-styled robot may be striking. Coming with a water-tank and brushes, this robot also includes voice recognition software. So, don’t hesitate to spark up a conversation if you are feeling lonely!

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9. Doctor robots

You can always carry a first-aid box when you are traveling. But, it is never going to bee the same when you an actually have a doctor accompanying you. These doctor robots are programmed to take BP, heart rate and even talk to you about your ailment. Right now, it is intended to be used in hospitals to help doctors in their work. However, the time when you can have one of these for yourself is not far.

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10. All in one robot

Here is a combination of a companion robot and a security robot. Even more, you can carry this tiny robot while you travel and it can even help you clean the place. A great choice if you are always on the move.

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11. Dog robots

Having a security robot is not exactly the same as having a dog robot that can wag its tail and roll over. It can understand 100s of commands and respond accordingly. Now, you can have security combined with fun.

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12.  Family nanny

You can stop worrying about your kids at home after reading this. A Chinese company Siasun has come up with a Family Nanny robot that can detect gas leaks, call police in case of emergency and can even talk with your kids. They can even send messages to your neighbors in case of difficulties. You can soon find this nanny in market.

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13. A Robot for your garden when you are away

You come after a few days of fun to see that all there are no more flowers, no more greenery in your garden. That can be really heart-breaking; Waterbot is the answer to this. This wheeled robot can water your plants at a predefined time. It supplies each plant with a predefined amount of water and follows the destined path. Just be sure that the water-tank in it is filled before you leave.

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