Cozy Pacman Pillows, No More A Gamers Dream!

Fans of the arcade game Pacman? Well if you are then you can have your very own Pac Man inspired pillow! It is easy and I will show you how it is done.

Pac Man pillow

Just take a yellow material, whichever material you think will be comfortable. Then take another piece of black cloth , lots of stuffing material, sewing machine, thread, and a scissors, and voila! Looks cool and due to the large size, I am sure it will be a comfy pillow for you. If you have the time and the patience then maybe you could make the whole Pacman game pillows.

It might be a great idea for a theme for the kid’s bedroom. So you could have the four Pacman ghosts Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde, and ofcourse Pacman himself. This game, which was started by the Japanese company Namco, became a rage all over the world including America, where it was introduced way back in the 80s. So if you are still fans of this iconic games then get your scissors and make yourself some pillows!

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Via: Bedzine

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