Lumatong: Hassle-free Barbeque Grilling at Night

Summer time is Barbeque time. As the sun sits high on the horizon, it is time to dust your griller, load the embers, bring in fresh tender meat, ice the beers, and gather the neighbours. Barbequing is as American a past time as Baseball and Monday Night Football.

There is no better way to enjoy the clear blue skies and bright yellow sunshine than a barbeque-party with friends and neighbors. There is no better way to cook meat for the party than to grill it. There is something about grilling meat over an open flame that brings back memories of cheerful summer evenings. Dad would cook the meat and mom would play the perfect host. Though mom would advice dad on how the meat should be cooked, he would never listen. In the process, he would burn his hand at times, but the meat tasted simply delicious when it was done.

Grilling allows the meat to cook at a slow pace, tenderizing it. That’s why the meat tastes so good when grilled properly. The slow cooking process also means that it may take a long time for the meat to cook. The sun could set and you would still be grilling. Once the sun sets, you could move the grilling indoors, but then it would lose all its fun.

For all the hardcore grillers out there who do not believe in the term ‘indoor cooking’, the guys at Steven Raichlen Grilling Accessories have designed cooking tongs that have LED lights attached to them, which are just perfect for this 4th of July Barbecue.

Talk about a ‘bright’ idea. The Steven Raichlen Lumatong SR8003 is like any other tong; except, it allows you to cook outdoors even after the sun has set. The bright blue LED lights attached to the tong throws light on the food exactly where you point the tongs. For instance, if you point your tongs to the beef patty that’s grilling, the light from the Lumatong will make it easier to know how much the meat is cooked.

The 20-inch locking tongs is the perfect accessory for all the diehard grillers out there who believe in the tradition of grilling outdoors rather than indoors.

The LED lights are attached to a black plastic case that can be easily removed when the tongs need to be cleaned. One wonders why it has taken so long for someone to think of grilling tongs with lights. Now that Steven Raichlen has come up with the Lumatong, the grilling never has to move indoors.

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