Ren and Stimpy Bearbricks Collectible Toys!

Remember the Ren and Stimpy Show? Well, Ren and Stimpy fans are in for a big surprise! This animated classic is now available as be@rbricks, namely collectible toys! For all of those who didn’t spend the early nineties hooked to the show, Ren and Stimpy is the animated television series, that has entertained children and adults alike, features an “asthma hound” Chihuahua called Ren and the rather slow yet extremely adorable Manx cat called Stimpon. J Cat better known as Stimpy!

Ren and Stimpy Bearbricks 3

Created by the Canadian animator John Kricfalusi, this show is best known for its controversial, and indecent humour. Well, John Kricfalusi has now teamed up with Medicom Toys who are better known as the geniuses behind the infamous Bearbricks to create Ren and Stimpy bearbricks! Packaged beautifully, these toys are going to be officially available in store by around October 2010. Collectors are going to be disappointed to know that these lovable characters are going to be sold in two separate packages. But do not feel too sorry for yourself, the size of these toys are going to shock you. They are going to be available at the whopping size of 400% and for all of those who are bad at bearbrick math that means it measures approximately 11 inches in length! Larger than the animated versions of Ren and Stimpy themselves!

Ren and Stimpy Bearbricks

Ren and Stimpy Bearbricks 2

So, whether you were addicted to Ren and Stimpy or you are love collecting toys, buy your copy of Ren and Stimpy Bearbricks before they’re sold out.

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Via: Vinyl Chiles