Humor: Solution to iPhone 4 Reception Problem

Apple’s products are very well known for their quality and customer satisfaction. And ever since revolutionary iPhone was launched, many records were blown to hell, one after another. Even iPad broke sales records of iPhone but when iPhone 4 was launched it broke all records by selling as many as 1.5 million pieces in just 3 days.

With iPhone 4, Apple did a little innovation with antenna by wrapping a steel cover around all sides of its 9.3 mm thick body. Now, that’s giving rise to a serious problem in — lack of reception from the antenna — holding a phone in different ways which improves or reduces the reception. It’s strange (in fact, cold) even to us that Apple did not observe this in the large number of tests a phone goes through at the factory before it is given thumbs up.

iphone 4 reception problem

If that’s all about problem , what about a solution?

Can you help Apple with this, about improving the reception caused by an integral part of iPhone 4’s design. Can you? We can’t bet on your chances but we think, one guy — whose mind seems to be traveling somewhere in Year 1951 — has come up with a cool solution, which really makes fun of Apple. Take a look at the above pic.

It is simple. Just attach a receiver to the back of the iPhone 4 and you are done. Nice humor. And a perfect home-made solution, if you could manage to find a small receiver for this.

But we are sure that this would not go cool with Steve Jobs, after all claims made by the Company about the iPhone 4 — the slimmest smart phone on earth with just 9.3 mm of thickness — because attaching a receiver will surely reverse the claim. That is to say, Steve Jobs will have to claim it as the most thick smart phone around, similar to size of first mobile phones released back in Year 1994 or something. Oh Yes! maybe android fanboys will cheer the remark.

You can find more cool things about iPhone 4 at Walyou. Like, you may find it nice to create your own iPhone 4 Papercraft Model (We do not know if that improves reception) or learn how to jailbreak with iOS 4 on iPhone 3GS/3G and iPod touch 2G.

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