Tokyoflash Robot Watch Provides Circular Time Telling Goodness

Given the plethora of watch designs out there, most of them focus on either one of two things: analog or digital. This Tokyoflash watch design however, takes a completetely different approach, allowing the owner to tell time using three circles of red LED lights. Now if only I can figure out what the hell they are supposed to mean. Excuse me for a few hours while I read the owner’s manual.

I jest of course (sorta, I never was very good with numbers), the circular LED design is actually fairly straight forward and I’m sure in time (haha, see what I did there? time puns are the best ever) you’ll be able to read this baby as second nature. The 3 circles here are broken down by Hours on the left, 5 minute groups in the middle, and single minutes over to the right. Not that you’ll really need it, but there’s also an AM/PM indicidator located in the center circle. If the red piece there is not filled in it’s PM, I think, or maybe vice versa, but again you should be able to figure it out pretty easily on your own. Well that’s if you could own one, since this is simply a concept design and therefore not ready for full on production of circular LED awesomeness.

I did find it somewhat humorous that some of thecommenters on the watch had a little argument over exactly what time is listed in the example picture above.. The time displayed should be 11:58, according to one commenter, not the 9:31 shown. Who is right?! I’ll leave you to you to the answer. If you’re interested in other LED watch goodness, we have a few other designs out there like this Zonal Wrist Band Watch or if you want something a little more unique there’s always this wrist band that interprets sound for the deaf, too.