Fabulous Fantasticar Movie Car And It’s Fantabulous 8th Scale Displays

Entertaining the entire world with its exciting and thrilling adventures since decades, Marvel’s superhero team of ‘Fantastic 4’ definitely became one of the all time favorite series all over the world and who can forget the awesome Fantasticar from 2nd Movie of Fantastic 4? Well, unfortunately if you have, then this Fantasticar and its 8th Scale displays are here to refresh it’s memory in your mind!

Fantasticar 1

Fantasticar 8th scale sections

Designed by Bill Kenny, this Fantasticar and its 8th scale displays are built from the scratch and are no different from the car design as seen in the movie. Bill has skillfully designed each and every bit of model and made sure that it looks like the original one, without any sort of flaws. Like the original car from the movie, this model also has 3 sections and is intricately detailed to perfection; may it be it’s logo in the front or it’s tiniest part. So no worries for the Superhero team now, for they got a cool spare Fantasticar or they could also use the 8th scale model if somehow their enemy shrunk them but all of this was possible only if it was a working model! For now, they can definitely find a place in your showcase!

Fantasticar interiors


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