Eco Friendly Racing Car Toy Runs on Hand Generators

Day by day the world of toys is getting more and more complicated. A visit to a nearby toy store will leave a parent amazed and a child excited. Children are getting accustomed to the world of electronic toys of which, a great percent of them are battery operated. In such times it becomes difficult to look for a toy that is not battery operated and yet very exciting.

The game of racing cars on a track has been an all time favorite not only among children but also adults. A new version of this age old game is now available but with a very minor change. An all new racing car with tracks has been designed that operates sans batteries. Yes you got it right; it does not need a single battery to operate it. No, it does not even have to be connected to a power source to make it run. So here you are saving up on both energy and expenses..making for a wonderful Eco-friendly Gadget. But then how does it work?

Let me settle your queries and tell you that this little wonderful, eco friendly toy runs on the power generated by the operator’s hands. This two player game consists of two cars, a track set which has slots for two cars and two hand generators. The look and feel of this set is similar to any other car racing game but the absence of the battery and electricity connection adds on to the excitement. The two hand generators are each meant for controlling one car. To run the car you will be required to turn the handle on the controller. Winding the handle enables the generator in the controller to convert kinetic energy into electricity and this in turn makes the car run. The faster you turn the handle the faster the car goes. This is very close to driving a real car. As one has to be careful at turns on the road similar is the case here. The virtual reality effect takes this game to a whole new level.

The entire set is available as a thirty piece set which allows a combination of track layout options at £39.95. The worries of running out of batteries or a power failure becomes a thing of the past. The excitement may reach such high levels that the thin line between a game and reality may be lost for some time. You need to get up and get geared to charge into action. After all it is racing time!

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Via: Enviro-gadgets