Fire Away With the USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

Are you bored at the office? Is there a lack of excitement in your routine life? Do you keep wondering when your life will become amusing and when that hint of joy will seep into your existence? Well, there’s no need to wait any longer, for this USB Webcam Rocket Launcher will bring office boredom to an end forever!

Fire Away With the USB Webcam Rocket Launcher

While you’re chatting with your buddies on MSN, especially in the office, the Webcam USB Rocket Launcher enables you to do more than just share images and videos. With this amazing gadget you can wage war on your chat buddy by taking control of his rocket launcher. But take care because he’ll be in control of yours!

What’s makes these rocket launchers even cooler is that each of these have an integrated webcam, so you can take an accurate aim at your buddies head and then fire away these foam darts and why restrict your target to only your buddy, when you can take aim at others in his office as well. How about turning the launcher and firing one at his boss when he comes to lecture your buddy about using IM for non-work-related-matters. Beware however because your buddy can do exactly the same thing to you.

Available for $49 this brilliant USB Webcam Rocket Launcher can also be simply used as a webcam, shoots up to 15 feet and is compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Vista.

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