15 Geeky Home Theater Themes to Ravish Your Senses

There isn’t a family or a house that does not wish to have a customized home theater that reflects their favorite TV show, comic character or movie. In fact, home theater themes are big business and there is a big business out there for those who would love to watch movies and listen to music in style.

The idea of having a customized theater right in the middle of the house is an ego booster, and since geeks always like to pep up their egos with the help of electronic gadgets and technology, home theatre themes seem to be a great idea for most of them. Here are 15 of the most popular and cool home theater themes that would make Geeks salivate.

Home Entertainment Theater Theme – Nautilus Geek

1 nautilus geek

Nautilus Geek is an amazing concept that harks back to the days of early 80s when the game Nautilus was rather popular. With red chairs and out-of-the-world ceiling and walls, this theater will make sure you enjoy every bit of the movie you watch.

Star Trek Theater

2 star trek theater

Those who are into science fiction would certainly like the Star Trek Home Theatre which comes with 8 servers and a DVD library totalling 3816 movies. It sure is a great way to be lost in those futuristic melodramas and is a perfect tribute for Star Trek fans.

DIY Entertainment Center from Car Parts

3 car parts theater

There couldn’t be a better way to catch those racing championships than on a large screen in a home theatre. While that may be out of reach for many, the DIY Car Parts Entertainment Centre is an amazing way to refurbish a boring living room. Much of the furnishing comes from used car parts.

Art Deco Home Theater

While it is a well known belief that geeks are not usually interested in intellectual art movements, there could be a few exceptions to the rule. The Art Deco Home Theatre is for those futuristic art lovers, who also like to watch movies in a technologically sound space right in their houses.

4 art deco home theater 2

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Outdoor Home Theater

5 outdoor home theater

Home is where the heart is, and if your heart isn’t at home, a home theatre has to be outside the home, right? Well, if that quite didn’t make sense to you, you might want to understand the logic behind the Outdoor Home Theatre which may not be a great idea if you live in a rainy area.

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Sci-fi Theater Theme

6 sci fi theater

There isn’t a geek who does not like to travel in time and space. In fact most people would sell themselves for an inter-galactic trip. While that may not be logically possible now, one could get a Sci-fi Home Theatre Theme just like the one here, and then travel in space along with all the Sci-fi movies being played. It includes the Predator among other great items from Sci Fi themes.

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Batman Home Theater Theme

7 batman theater 1

Of all the comic superheroes, Batman is one of the most gothic and dark characters. The chilly adventures and the dark and gloomy spaces have been recreated in this eerie Batman Home Theatre Theme.

7 batman theater 2

8 batman cave

You could also take a look at this interesting Batman Cave Theme which seems to turn the movie-watching experience into an almost bizarre experience.

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Ridiculously Expensive Home Theater Theme

9 six million home theater

How much could you possibly spend on a home theatre? Would you be ready to spend millions of dollars? This home theatre belongs to Jeremy Kipnis, a music engineer/producer. It comes with 39 separate speaker units and 36 amplifiers. It cost a whopping $6 million to build it.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Home Theater Theme

10 pirate theater

While some people may argue that Pirates of the Caribbean was a superb movie, I believe the magic lay with Johnny Depp. That is just my opinion, but to have a home theatre that is inspired by the movie Pirates of the Caribbean seems to be a task too outlandish.

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Stargate Atlantis Home Theater Theme

11 stargate atlantis theater

Stargate Atlantis must be one of the most popular science fiction TV series ever. This home theatre comes with a couple of Sony megachangers that would allow you to accommodate 800 DVDs, a 10 foot diagonal circuit screen and even a JVC RS-1 D-ILA light amplifier for HD imagery.

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Death Star Home Theater Theme

12 death star theater

Doug Chiang has designed a home theatre system that would bring alive the Death Star from the labyrinths of the universe. The hidden door replica of Han Solo in Carbonite houses DVDs and would be a great gift to Star Wars fans if you could afford.

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Matrix Home Theater Theme

13 matrix theater

RPG Home Theatre dealer Genesis Audio has created a home theatre which is inspired by the movie The Matrix. Some of the features of the home theatre include 4-way screen by Stewart Film screen. Faroudja DVP-5000 video processor and Escient Power Play DVD management system.

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Captain Nemo’s Home Theater

14 captain nemo theater 1

This 20,000 Leagues inspired home theatre pays homage to Captain Nemo, who entertained generations of children and youth for decades.

14 captain nemo theater 2

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Indiana Jones Home Theater

15 indiana jones theater

For all those people who love the Wild West and the stories of cowboys that chase baddies across landscapes, Indiana Jones proved to be a big hit. This home theatre has been inspired by Indiana Jones, and it sure looks really cool.

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These and the other home theatre themes might inspire you to save up money in order to get your own customized theatre, which reflects your personality.