Pressure Sensitive iPad App To Be developed

Just after the launch of Apple’s iPhone many new applications started puring in, so is the case with the iPad, and the new innovative iPad apps that are developed. 

Pressure Sensitive Drawing App

Apple iPad has been able to create quite a sensation in the technological world like its brother iPhone. Many technicians are working hard on its applications to make it rock forever in this world. One negative thing in iPad’s screen was that its inability to support pressure-sensitivity and it, therefore, only knows when the screen is touched by your finger and it, then acts accordingly. In other words, the only thing that this pad can do is just to feel the pressure and then act.

That means, it is simply useless to expect this pad to act as a drawing pad on the touch of your hands or on any pressure. Smart people always think smart and that has once again been proved by Ten One Design and they have found out just a very superb and much needed thing, a special pen which you can also say as a stylus.

Ten One has designed this pen in order to make it simple for one to draw or write anything that the user wants. The more pressure you release on the pen, the darker lines it will draw and the lighter the pressure is the thin and lighter line it will show. So, that makes this a private function call a perfect thing for the Apple iPad. But the question that arises at this point is will Apple approve it and will it allow the stylus designed by Ten One to be used in to iOS as standard.

Ten One, However, has kept the hope still on and are eagerly waiting for Apple to accept this product. Though still much time is left for the final decision to be made but it will be better if this special pen is being accepted as this seems to be tailor made specifically for the iPad only.

Another benefit of this application and the use of this pen is that while writing or drawing on the pad, if the writer somehow puts the pressure of his palm on the pad then also there will be no mark on the pad. That ensures easy handling and trouble free use of the stylus on the pad. Those who have doubts on the functioning of the special pen can have a look at the video release of the pen in action on the pad. Well, at this moment only it can be expected that the Apple people have a look at this video and decide to approve this great work of Ten One.

I hope you would you like to learn to create a touchscreen knob for your iPhone or iPod.

Via: Gadgetvenue