Design your own stylish decorative lamp with a vintage look

If you have a penchant for DIY projects, why not design your own decorative lamp? If you need some cues about how to proceed, take a look at this decorative lamp, called ‘Coachella’.Coeachalla-Lamp

A wooden, junky jewelry box serves as the base. An Argon discharge lamp is at play to let out that ultra-violet glow that you notice on the top, while blue and green LEDs enclosed in an acrylic case illuminate the central column. On this acrylic column, four dekatrons are fitted while Nixie tubes are doing duty at the four corners of the wooden base.


A 120VAC wall socket powers the lamp and the light display is controlled through an Arduino.


Though this decorative lamp may look somewhat amateurish because of the fittings, the end results are truly stunning. So, why don’t you go ahead and create your very own Coachella?

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Via: Hack N Mod through Joscience