Using Finger Painting to Create Art on the iPad

It’s amazing how a simple ipad/iphone/ipod touch application like brushes can be used to create such beautiful artwork. I came across this portrait of popular artist Beyonce. The best part? He only uses one finger to do it. Try that and see how far you get before your ADD addled brain dies from boredom. Maybe that’s just me.

Now as you might expect such a project would take quite a bit of time. 6 hours to do the entire thing, in fact. Luckily for us, the video doesn’t run that long thanks to the time lapse video posted below. It just goes to show that if you have to artistic talent and the inclination, you can create some impressive works with the Brushes app. It strikes me as easy to learn but hard to master, as others have found some great ways to create with it. In fact the description states that images created with brushes have actually been featured on the cover of the New Yorker on many occasions. That’s a bit above my paygrade, so I don’t typically read the magazine, but still quite an accomplishment, and if customer ratings are any indication we’ll continue to see the app produce some great works.  I still do stick figures myself, but I’m working on a time lapsed video of the 10 seconds it takes me to put them together.

This also helps display how versatile the iPad can really be given the right app and some elbow grease. From creating beautiful portraits of popular artists to creating your own iPad arcade gaming machine, it has a lot to offer. I say this despite never planning to purchase one myself (My little iPod touch seems to do everything I want and then some, and the bulk of it makes me think I’m better bringing my laptop. It’ll be especially interesting to see how someone like this uses the pressure sensitive iPad app, though.

Kyle Lampbert Via: Cult of Mac

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