The Magic Closet Concept – For the Magician in You

As a kid, you simply loved to watch magicians perform. You would constantly pester your parents to take you for magic shows and even watched them on TV. Inspired by the mystery and guile surrounding magicians, you turned into the neighborhood trickster.

Your favorite trick was the sword trick where you invite a volunteer to enter a wooden box and stick multiple, razor-sharp swords into it without harming the participant. The applause from the kids, after watching you perform a successful sword trick, still rings in your ears.

If it had not been for your parents threatening to disown you (you took it seriously at that age), you may have become a professional magician. As you sit and reminisce, we have a concept that might help you relive those ‘magical’ memories.

On the outside, it looks like a wooden box that is generally used for sword tricks. It has an elongated rectangular structure, painted white, with a black figure printed on top. On the sides of the wooden box there are slots through which black toy swords have been inserted.

Before you dismiss it as a magician’s apparatus, we would like to tell you that is, in fact, a closet, wherein you can store your clothes, books, shoes and other valuables. Called the Deadly Multipurpose Closet, it is a furniture concept design by Rafael Morgan.

The magic of this closet lies in the fact that you could adjust the toy swords to create space for your storage. The sides of the closet have four vertical slots multiplied by three horizontal slots creating four rows.

You could have just one sword sticking through the top row and use it as a standard hanging closet. You could also create multiple rows by sticking swords through the slots provided and use it to store your fashion, accessories, and footwear.

Or, if you have the childhood itch to be a magician again, you use it display your favorite sword trick in front of your families and friends. Though we would not recommend you use the Deadly Multipurpose Closet as a sword trick apparatus.

If you have kids at home, they will probably love the magic-inspired closet. The toy swords, made from wood, are perfect for an impromptu sword fight. The kids could just pull the sword out from the slots and use it to play kings and emperors. Forget the kids, even you and your mates may be tempted for a sword clash. But remember, it will leave your closet in a mess.

The Deadly Multipurpose Closet is a concept design that most of us (magicians at heart) wish to buy from stores soon.

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