The Space Invaders iPad Sleeve Is Sleek!

The iPad has made it’s way into the hands of many of it’s lovers out there, but being in such lovable hands has got the iPad all dirty and full of scratches, so just for the protection of this much device we have a cool and geeky iPad sleeve that is themed upon the equally loved Space Invaders, which makes them two of a kind!

iPad sleeve1

Now we all would want that our beloved gadget must be in safe hands and that it should look to cool and geeky at the same time, right? well then is one of those perfect things you’ve been looking for, something that will not only protect your beloved device but also add to the geeky quotient of the same.

iPad sleeve2

This iPad sleeve is made from goat suede leather and is completely handcrafted, the lining is made of woolfelt and also the Space Invaders logo has been laser etched into the the sleeve, this will make it a permanent mark on the sleeve and an permanent mark on the people who have a look at it.

iPad sleeve3

Selling for just $79.00 this is one great bargain, you can also check out the other stuff like How to use your iPad as an Arcade Machine or the Bacon & Eggs iPad Case.