Japan Returns the 60 Foot Gundam Statue

Sometimes you ask yourself: Can there really ever be too much Gundam? I used to not think so right up until I saw the series G-Gundam, which made my eyes burn in fiery white hatred. This 60 foot Gundam statue, however, had the opposite effect. Let’s face it, an actual 60 foot Gundam statue is badass no matter how you slice it. And slice it this baby could, just look at the size of that sword! Yes, the actual sword.

Now apparently this big guy was originally assigned to protecting Tokyo Bay last summer, and was subsequently taken down for a period of time. CrunchGear then covered the resurrection of the statue in Shuzuoka. It took awhile to get him ready, but the final product is definitely worth it. The pictures and video go a long way in showing just how ornately detailed the statue is. Now only if it was fully functional…or maybe not.

The statue has undergone some noticeable improvements from his precious iteration. He’s now equipped with some better weaponry. His “beam saber” as it’s called now glows brightly at night, keeping away whatever it is in Tokyo Bay that could threaten the city. The statue was created by (apparently) a famous anime creator by the name of Yosiyuki Tomino. I had no idea who the guy was which shows that I’m not a “true” Gundam fan because this guy has a lot of Gundam series/movies under his belt. He also worked on scripting the storyboards for the original Astro Boy, not exactly small potatoes either. Anyway he was the one hired to design the statue, and by the look of it he did a damn fine job.

If you’re looking to see it for yourself, you better get cracking, too. The statue will be open to the public from July 24 right up until January 10, 2011 on East Shizuoka Square in (no kidding!) Shuzuoka city. I think someone should bring that 4 foot tall paper Gundam statue and take a picture with this guy sitting next to it for comparison’s sake. You know it’d be hilarious.

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Via: Crunch Gear