Spy Camera or Lamp?

Looks can be deceptive. In the present times this phrase stands true at almost every step. Children are advised to never go by a person’s appearance, stay away from strangers, and never go near anything suspicious. What about adults? As adults we often fall prey to a salesman’s false promises and make a commitment. Moreover, there are occasions when we come across products that are very different in their function and appearance.

Take for example this spy camera like object that can be mounted on the wall. The Spoticam is a product of the Antrepo clan and anyone familiar with the products from this group will be sure that this is not a camera, but at the same time will be left guessing its identity. Like its other creative products this one also follows tradition and comes up as a whole new mystery for the first time viewer.

Let’s break the mystery and tell you what this spy camera actually is. It is true that it helps view object with greater clarity, but the only difference it has from a conventional camera is that it cannot record all that it sees. It is in fact a lamp. Available in pure white and raw aluminum finishes, this elegant lamp has a large round base and a bendable support rod. It is the head of the lamp that gives the entire spy camera effect. Placed on a table this might not look like a camera but once mounted on the wall its resemblance to a camera cannot be doubted. Take a look at the pictures and you will certainly be confused at to whether it is really a lamp or a camera.

Spoticam’s resemblance to a security camera is so close that it will not be surprising if its mere presence makes people conscious. Set it up in your home and the first thing your guests will ask is why you need a monitoring camera at home. The sleek design of the product may not occupy much space but at the same time it will not go unnoticed.

Use it as a table lamp or mount it on the wall, it serves the purpose either ways. It is, however, the design of this lamp that will appeal to ones senses. After all aesthetics does have an important role to play in our lives or else, why there would be such a high demand for designer products?

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